Diy Dog Potty Training

Tired of your lovely dog peeing all over the places, trying to teach she/he how to use a potty? Here are some key points to potty training.

A suitable potty is very important if you want to potty train your dog to eliminate indoors. You can find plenty of potties on Ebay and Amazon for a fair price. And what you want is something with a splash back and has a post for the dog to aim at, not just a tray.

When you use old newspaper to absorb the dog’s urine, insert a single soiled sheet of newspaper into the fresh stack of newspapers when you are cleaning up the potty. That keeps some smell of the dog in the newspapers, the dog will be encouraged to use the potty again when the dog can sense the smell.

Just like us, dogs don’t enjoy using toilet in the same room where they eat and play. If your dog has an accident in a clear area, then feed and play with the dog there. It will keep the dog from doing it again in the same place.

Like all other training, your dog needs some positive reason to use a potty, do encourage the dog with praise when he/she uses the potty correctly.

Adult dogs are easier to train than puppies. Adult dogs are more responsive to commands. They already have fully developed muscles for bladder control. They can hold it much longer. If you just got your dog from someone else, it’s a good idea to ask the previous owner about the dog’s training and behavior history, just so you have a clue on how to train the dog.

Puppies get accustomed to the surface they eliminate on. So don’t change this until the putty is fully house trained.

Finally, take note from others. Watch some videos you can find on google to teach you how to train you dog to use potty.

You may find the detail instruction on dog potty training at this dog potty training page.


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