Determining The Best Large Dog House For A Canine

Pets needs a space of their own, particularly in the case of dogs. A dog is a naturally territorial creature and having a space that is specifically for the dog can make a new home comfortable. Finding the best large dog house for a particular large breed canine coming into the house is a vital step in giving a pet some space to feel safe and secure.

Sizing Requirements:

A key part of determining the best house for a pet dog is the sizing needs. Any large dog or a home with several dogs will require a large or extra large house. The particular sizing requirements of a home depend on the size of the dog or the size of the breed in adulthood when dealing with a puppy.

On average, the best way to size the particular dog house depends on the weight, height and length of the dog. For example, a dog that is 70 pound, 25 inches tall at the shoulder and around 35 inches in length would need a large dog house. A dog that is above 90 pound and roughly 40 inches in length would need a bigger home than the basic large sizes for an extra large house.

Any dog that is above 70 pounds or taller than 25 inches based on shoulder height while standing will need a larger home. When a house has two or more dogs, pet owners should consider getting a larger size house for the dogs than the basic sizing. Two 70 pound dogs would feel more comfortable in an extra large house than the basic large home.


A dog house is not only about the particular size, it is also about the comfort of the pet. An insulated dog house is another aspect pet owners should consider. Insulation in the dog house is not always a necessity, but for pet owners living in colder regions it can help add to the comfort level of a dog while he or she is outdoors.

Insulated houses come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. The insulation keeps the dog house warm during the colder months of the year and cool during the summer, making it a perfect place for a pet to relax between bouts of playing or during the days that have particularly harsh weather conditions.

Style of the House:

The final element in determining the best house for the pet is the style. Style choices are a matter of personal preferences rather than the size of the pet. Dog house selections can range from an igloo design for heat retention during winter to a stunning custom design that creates a quaint look similar to a house in miniature.

The style and materials of the house are primarily and element of personal aesthetic preferences and the preferred look to fit the backyard. For example, someone who has a simple backyard full of grass and children’s toys might prefer a house that is the basic igloo or rectangular design. Alternatively, a home with an exotic backyard garden might prefer the quaint house full of details for a better fit into that garden space.

Finding the best dog house for that loveable pooch starts with considering the weather, the design and the size of the canine. After considering all of the factors, determining the best house becomes much simpler.


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