Details About Good Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are becoming more popular as an alternative to dog collars. In a dog harness, the two front legs are harnessed with the straps. Harnesses for dogs allow dog owners to feel more secure towards their dogs. This holds especially true for those who rely most of their everyday life on their dogs.

There are many types of a dog harness available in the market to fit your style and requirement.

The easywalk harness is the most basic as it is the dog walking harness. Its leash is attached at the front portion of the harness while its martingale loop redirects the forward motion of the dog without poking on the leash.

For a soft harness, you may want the Walkeez harness. Considered the softest, the straps of Walkeez are adjustable and fleece-lined. You only have to slip it over the dog’s head, clasp it off and walk.

If you want a harness with a seatbelt, the EzyDog is the best option. Besides being a harness, it can also be use as a car seatbelt for your dog. Its front plate is strong enough to protect your dog’s chest.

Puppia is another brand and the Soft Harness is its product. It offers comfort and style. Its front and collar portion are made of a cushy polyester air mesh that fits properly on the dog chest, enabling it to walk comfortable.

The Vest Harness offers no pressure on your dog’s neck. Its D-ring for the leash is put on the dog’s back, away from your dog’s throat.

To allow even small dogs to carry their own accessory such as a poop’ bag, you can try the Backpack Harness.

For very small dogs that need a harness already, the Hug-A-Dog Harness is the best option. It is comfortable and fits like a jacket without the straps and rubbing. The pressure is transferred into the chest area and so there is no risk of choking.

The Poochee Step-in Harness is very simple and easy to use. It is also practical and stylish. It can be adjusted to fit even the small dog. All you have to do is pull the sliders up, place the front paws through the openings, and bring the leash upward, then adjust the sliders.

Also, for small dogs, the Choke-free shoulder collar is a good choice, if you want your small dog safe and under control. The dog simply steps onto the holes, and you bring the collar up to its back. Then you lay the right side down first before you insert the leash ring into the slit on the other part. Secure the Velcro and attach the leash.

There is also the MuttGear Step-in from Doggles. It is durable and easy to use. Its gray trim is reflective of any lights. So when dark comes, you will easily spot your dog by its reflecting trim.

Of course, there is the standard harness. One of the popular brands is Timberwolf. It is made of good quality 64-carrier flat braided nylon, which is also comfortable for your dogs. Dog harnesses are varied, and you may be confused in selecting one. The best way to do this is to put one on your dog and see if it is comfortable and effective.


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