Bike With Your Dog Using Walky Dog Bike Leash

This will bring a new found pleasure to both of you, all you need is a special dog bike leash to bike with your dog. I had a new mountain bike for Christmas, I hadn’t been on a bike for for ages but you always remember how to ride one. Living here in the Lake District there are so many scenic great routes to cycle both off the road and on sleepy country lanes. The initial time I went off on my bike, my young white westie dog Dougs watched through the kitchen window (he climbs up on the back of the settee in the breakfast room/diner so he can look out) and I noticed him looking at me cycling off and felt sorry, so much that following a brusque bike ride to the local store for some groceries, I took Dougs out for an extra long walk to pacify him.

My husband thought I was being silly feeling bad about it and waived it aside, in spite of this a few days later he came home with a parcel for me – a Walky Dog Bike Leash. I quickly scanned the instructions and fixed the device to my new bicycle (which was very trouble-free), had a little go riding the bike with the Walky Dog bike attachment first, to establish if it was on suitably for me, which was fine. I then went inside and said to Dougie Bikies – you want to go Bikies? That was it, he was paying attention and out we went to the bike which he immediately christened! I fitted the Walky Dog and extension lead (he needs the cord extended, being a small dog) and off we went unhurriedly down our own long garden path for a run through session. Dougie took to it really well, just running nicely along as I cycled at my own speed, looking back up at me now and then. My partner was a genius finding this for me to be able to bike with my dog.

That was 4 months ago and at present we go biking together by means of the Walky Dog Bike Leash (weather permitting) about 4-5 times a week, in truth he hardly ever goes just for a hike these days. We always take a water bottle with us, as at times we go a couple of miles. Usually at some point I take off the Walky Dog attachment and use it as a normal lead and we amble back home, with me pushing the bike, so Dougs can sniff and do whatever he wishes. It tires him out for the day – marvellous for big dogs that call for a lot of exercise.

An added nice thing concerning this clever invention is it’s not only suitable to bike with your dog but can also be fitted to a wheel chair. My Mother has a personal mobility device and uses my Walky Dog device connected to her wheelchair to take my dog out with her when my parents dog sit. Being a hands-free device, she’s more confident taking my little dog out with her like this, though she got into a bit of trouble when she forgot to remove it before going into the supermarket!

Biking with your dog is enjoyable, and good exercise for both of you. It’s not safe at all to secure a standard lead to the handle-bars of your bike – I saw a woman lately who had attached her dog’s lead to her belt whilst biking with her dog – so unsafe – the girl stopped and asked me what I was using, she’d hadn’t seen a Walky Dog Bike Leash in the past!


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