Amliya Dog Shape Bag

In the post, I will bring you a special fake handbag of Italian brand Amliya. I really don’t know how deeply you know about the brand. While, as far as I concerned, the name came from a sweet love story. Here I won’t talk too many words toward its origin, if you have interest in it, feel free browse the blog WE LOVE DESIGNER REPLICA HANDBAGS.

Amliya Group is a company producing modeling designed women handbags. Amliya aims to create practical aesthetic handbags which show a lively attitude toward life. These handbags are in shapes such as teapot, cars, trains and others shapes. Here is a dog shape handbag as you see in the pictures. Don’t just consider it as a model or toy, actually it is a model bag. It features fine cowhide leather material with silver hardware detail, flat leather handles and zip top closure. Besides, it comes with an extra removable shoulder strap. Imagine that you are travelling out with a lovely dog, wonderful!

Obsolutely different from any handbags I posted here. If you are tied of your daily business day, or want to add some new elements to your habitual life, it’s the pretty right choice for you! Hope more and more model bags of the brand are in stock in the future time.

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