Alpha Dog Secrets Revealed

Perhaps the most important thing your dog ever needs to understand is that you are the boss, you are the Alpha Dog. When raising your dog it is very easy to be weak in an effort to show love and affection this commonly leads to your dog believing that he is the master in your relationship. If this is the case in your relationship you need to correct the social standing immediately.

Before I start giving you tips as to how you can regain/retain Alpha Dog status, its important that you understand that being the Alpha Dog has absolutely nothing to do with handing out physical punishment to your dog. It simply requires a set on consistent and simple principals are maintained.

Tip 1 – Always go through doorways before your dog.

This is an incredibly simple but powerful way of showing your dog that you have the right of passage. Dog’s can’t really understand spoken language but they can understand body language very well, this gives a clear message that you are more important than the dog.

Tip 2 Ensure that you eat before your dog

In the wild Alpha Dogs always eat first. It’s important that you do the same. Make sure that you and your family eat before your dog.

Tip 3 Take immediate response to disobedience.

Make sure that immediate action is taken whenever your dog does something bad. If for example your dog steals food from the table, first make a loud noise (such as a clap) and then take swift action. Grab your dog by the mouth and say in a firm voice “Bad Dog”. Next turn away from your dog and make sure that no-one gives it attention for a full 20 minutes.

Tip 4 – Don’t walk around your dog make your dog move for you.

An Alpha dog in a pack environment would never walk around a dog that’s in its path. You should do the same. If your dog is in your way, make it move. You don’t need to go out of your way to walk where your dog is relaxing, but if you do need to walk there, make your dog move. This give a very clear signal to your dog that you are the leader.

Tip 5 – Don’t sleep with your dog.

If you really want to show superiority, don’t allow your dog to sleep on your bed. When your dog sleeps in the same place as you it feels like it’s on the same level socially. Making your dog sleep on the floor avoids any confusion and will allow you to easily maintain Alpha Dog status.

After implementing the tips mentioned above you will become the Alpha Dog. Being the Alpha dog means your dog will respect you more and behave accordingly. Your dog will also be much happier knowing its place in the relationship.


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