All You May Want To Know About The French Mastiff

If you are considering getting a new dog, and it is a very unique and intelligent dog that you are specifically looking for, then the French Mastiff is one that may get into your radar. Incontestably, the French mastiff is one of those dogs whose acquisition will get people talking’ for it is a truly remarkable dog.

As you consider getting your French mastiff, of course, you will want to know more about this dog, to see if it is the right dog for you.

You may want, for instance, to know why this dog is referred to as the French-mastiff. The answer to this question may be a subject to conjecture, but the most plausible explanation given for this name is simply that the dog originally came from France. Indeed, it is said that the French mastiff was to be found in France as far back as the fourteen century. It is a dog which was part of French society, especially liked by the elites that governed the country by the time the French revolution was taking place. This was to its detriment, because in an attempt to protect their masters during the revolution (which was considerably violent), many French-mastiff dogs ended up being killed. Indeed, so phenomenal was this killing of the French-mastiffs that the breed ran the risk of extinction, and survived just by luck.

If you are just hearing about the French mastiff, and you have never seen one, you may want to know just how it looks. Well, the French-mastiff is a huge dog, one that weighs an average of 150 pounds at its adulthood (which is more than the average human in some places), and one that can grow to an average of 30 inches (as measured over its shoulder). So if it is a big dog you are looking for, the French mastiff is just the animal for you. If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is a small cuddly’ dog, then the French mastiff may not be the one for you; as it will inevitably grow big.

You may also want to know how the temperament of the French-mastiff is like. As it turns out, this is an unapologetically fierce dog yet one that is rather friendly to people it knows.’ As such, it makes a good dog for guarding your residence, especially if you live in a part of town whose security you not too confident about nowadays.

You could want to know about the intelligence of the French mastiff and in this regard, the French mastiff turns out to be one of the most intelligence dogs. So intelligent, in fact, that most of the rich and mighty’ who have the means to keep it have it as their first choice of a dog.

You may also want to know whether the French-mastiff is a high maintenance’ dog, and the answer is yes. This is a dog that requires quite a bit of care. As a minimum you will need to bath him at least once every two weeks, and ensure that you give his coat a weekly brushing (as the French-mastiff has a rather short coat). If it is a female you have, and she falls pregnant, you may have to pay for her to have a caesarian section.

Due to the largeness of French mastiff’s heads, this is the method through which many nowadays end up being delivered. Yet for this high maintenance, you get a truly strong dog, an intelligent dog, and a potentially useful dog: one that can serve as a real guard.


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