Air Filled Dog Beds

types of Dog Beds

Dog beds provide one purpose and that one use is to bring a comfortable place for your pets to rest. Dogs need about 14 – 16 hours of rest a day. Essentially, it is fortunate that there are several kinds of dog beds to select from. Luxury bedding is for the pet owner who is conscious of how the dog bed will look in their home. An air filled dog bed offers pet owners a long lastinglonger lasting product which is also a more attractive version of the type dog beds found at Wal-Mart or Target.

Most dog owners would like to have the ideal dog bed for their pet. Usually, this means that the perfect dog bed will be sturdy, washable, and comfortable. Most dog bedding deceives pet owners by stating the dog bed is washable when in fact, the cover is washable and the pillow is not. Therefore it is important to find a dog bed in which both the pillow and the case can be washed if the need arises. Both of the two types of bedding are wonderful choices that complete all of these wanted bedding benefits.

Luxury bedding is bedding that is of higher comfort, style and better quality. Luxury bedding can be found on the internet or in brick and mortar stores. Luxury bedding may be heated, orthopedic, or contained in furniture. Heated bedding is wonderful for pet owners’ dogs that remain outside during cold weather. Orthopedic dog bedding is wonderful for pets that need more support for achy joints. One of the newest trends is the dog bed that is contained in furniture. This type of dog bed allows you to fold it back into the furniture as if it where never there. Luxury bedding offers pet owners additional options that they would not typically have if purchasing their pet’s dog bed at Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

A new trend among pet owners is the dog filled air bed. This type of dog bedding has several advantages for both the pet owner and the pet. Some pet owners may expose their pets to fleas and ticks. Non-air filled dog bedding allows fleas and ticks plenty of space to hide while the air bed does not. The dog filled air bed also limits allergens for pet owners as the cover is easy to wash and allergens can not go any further than the cover. Aside from its cleanliness, the dog filled air bed is also transportable. If you are traveling out of town or even to the lake, you can rest assure that your dog will be able to rest in comfort as this bed is deflateable.

Just remember to buy a dog bed that is good for your dog relative to size and health. Both factors are important to the livelihood of your pet.


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