A Very Affectionate Boston Terrier

There are many breeds out there which many people choose because of their ability to bond well with people. Lots of people find that to be the most desirable trait to look for in a dog, and don’t care much about the others such as obedience, appearance, etc. The Boston Terrier is one of the most emotionally attached pets there is. They bond extremely well with their human master; as time passes it develops the sense to tell how you are feeling. It will immediately know when your happy, sad, or angry sometimes adjusting itself to the mood you’re in or trying to cheer you up if your sad, or calm you down/hide from you when you’re mad.

Having such refined skill doesn’t make it psychic, like it could read your thoughts or whatever. Rather it’s observant of how you usually behave, and links actions with emotions it’s an analytical skill. A Boston Terrier bonds like no other dog has ever bonded before. It will want to be with you and all the members of the family most of the time. Owning one would be more like adopting a child one that is very affectionate. Like all children (most of them), it just loves to play. This pooch waits for this time eagerly, so as the parent of it, comply.

Doing so wouldn’t just be for fun, but would fulfill much of its daily exercise needs. Keeping it active outdoors is important for this pet, as it is for all. Let it run around in a safe and secure area. Let it burn and release its energy. You won’t just be keeping it in shape but avoid hyperactivity as well. Boston Terriers are known to get rowdy and sometimes play a little rough when they have too much excess energy inside them. That could also lead to numerous problems such as restlessness and being a nuisance. The information I’ve stated above is the general traits of what mostly all dogs of this breed have.

There are other attributes some but not all may possess a slightly altered character. An example would be some serving as good watchdogs. They can become easily suspicious of people entering the house that they aren’t familiar with. Its response will be to bark, and bite if things get physical. Very territorial and protective over what rightfully belongs to it. While the others wouldn’t make a sound at the sight of a stranger. They would probably wag their tails, welcoming the unknown guest, or look at them and let them do whatever they want. Therefore there they could respond actively or passively; but would still possess the same base attributes they share in general.

When deciding to own a Boston Terrier, talk to it’s breeder about the mannerisms of it’s parents. Select the puppy with the traits you find most attractive. It’s highly intelligent and learns fast, making training relatively easy. This would make a great pet for anybody looking for a dog to smother love with, and receive the same in turn.


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