A Rundown Of Common Dog Medications

If you consider your dog an important part of your family, then your dog should enjoy the same healthy lifestyle that you do. Just like humans, dog suffer the effects of everything from parasitic infections to dry skin, to an intimidating sense of vanity.

Whatever may ail your dog, especially as he or she climbs over the hill declines toward old age, there are a variety of medications to treat it.

In addition, keeping your dog healthy early in life and managing long term illnesses like diabetes and arthritis will keep you from lofty surgery bills for an emergency you could have easily prevented.

If your dog had a medicine cabinet, just as we have in our own bathrooms, some medications you might see in it are:

Advantage Multi

Heartworm prevention should be every dog owner’s top priority. Literally hundreds of 10-inch worms make a home in the chambers of your dog’s heart for 5-7 years. There have been recent advances in treating heartworm, but there still exists the possibility of long-term side effects.

Advantage Multi is a go-to choice of veterinarians everywhere. It’s a topical solution you apply once a month behind your dog’s shoulder bladewhere they can’t lick itthat will not only prevent heartworm, but also hook and roundworms, as well as flea infestations. Use it also to control an outbreak of any of those.


Just as we enjoy the feel of a new haircut and of smooth, silky hair, so does your dog. If you treat yourself to good shampoo and conditioner, why not allow your dog the same luxury.

However, shampoo is more than just a luxury. The early months of winter can dry out a dog’s skin, making them itch constantly. Additives in their food can have the same effect. To keep your dog safe from the agony of dry skinyou’ll agonize watching them scratch incessantlybe sure to choose a shampoo that has some sort of oatmeal extract.

Dermal-Sooth can be used on dogs with normal to dry skin and uses a colloidal oatmeal factor to lock moisture into your dog’s coat and skin. It penetrates deep, quicklyfor those dogs that like to jump out of the tub before you can wash them off.

Chlorpheniramine (OTC)

Even though they get their noses into everything, surprisingly, dogs have allergies just like we do. And just as you would give your toddler Benadryl for a bee sting, so you should have this for your dog.

Not just for bee stings and insect bites, Chlorpheniramine is also good to give regularly to a dog that gets frequent ear infections. The infection is caused by a build-up of fluid in the ear cavities, and the fluid is secreted as part of a reaction to a common allergencould be dust, ragweed, or even something in their food.

Chloraphreniramine comes in 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, and 12mg tablets; long-lasting tablets, capsules, and oral syrup; and injectable and transdermal gel. Tablets tend to be the cheapest option, and you can buy special dog treats with pill pockets at the pet store. You put the pill inside the treat (rather like a Combo snack) and pinch it shut. Dogs love them.

Dermapet Malacetic Ultra Otic

Should your dog be one of those that get ear infections on a more-than-regular basis, you might keep a bottle of broad spectrum cleanser flush around the house. When you hear that devastating howling and your dog is sliding across the living room with its ear to the floor, use Dermapet Malacetic Ultra Otic flush to clean out its ear.

Also useful for fungal and bacterial infections, you can apply Dermapet Ultra Otic liberally to any skin irritation and give your pet relief.

Salix (furosemide)

For a dog that is constantly ridden with diarrheamost likely because she’s been drinking out of the holes she’s dug in the yardyou should have a diuretic handy. Diuretics, also good for treating heart and lung disease, work by removing excess fluids from the body by way of an increase in urine production.

Warning: this means your dog will have to urinate more often, and, when giving a diuretic, also make sure your dog has more water available that she normally does. Be advised that accidents may happen.

Salix is a pill, so you’ll have to think of a sneaky way to get your dog to like it, but it will be worth it when her digestive systems is running again and she’s back out chasing rabbits.


Metacam is an oral suspension intended to treat the more sophisticated canine suffering the pains of onsetting arthritis. Metacam is an NSAID comparable to the aspirin-like drugs we take to control joint inflammation.

It’s good to start giving this to your dog early if you have a home with hardwood floorsthe slippery wood puts more strain on dogs joints, as well as to particularly tall dogs that are prone to hip and shoulder problems.


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