5 Things Every Dog Owner Should Have

Getting a dog for the first time is a joyous occasion. It's amazing to see how a dog or puppy can truly change someone's life for the better. They are great at keeping you company and giving you unconditional love and attention. That's why it's important that when you take the responsibility of owning a dog for the first time, you should be fully stocked on the essential items your animal needs to be healthy and happy.

If you're a new pet owner or are thinking about owning a dog for the first time, here are 5 things that you need to ensure the health and vitality of your beloved creature.

1) Bedding. It's good to train your animal to sleep in a certain place. By getting them their own bed, especially if it's a dog, you can curb habits like lying on furniture. It's often extremely frustrating to train an animal who is already in the habit of sleeping on the bed or couch, to lie in their own space. That's why it's best to start off on the right foot when you introduce them to your home and get them in the habit of lying on their own bed. Crate training may be a good option, if you're new puppy just isn't staying put at night.

2) A Sturdy Leash. Getting your dog a sturdy leash that allows you to control him or her easily, without putting either of you through any discomfort is crucial. Many people like retractable leashes because they allow the dog explore, without pulling you along for the ride. If you're looking to keep your animal on a short lease, a traditional nylon leash is a great choice. They are sturdy and can support even the largest, strongest dogs without breaking.

3) Toys. Dog toys are crucial to keeping your new dog from chewing on things they shouldn't. They not only occupy their time while in the house, they train them to only play with things that are rubbery and squeaky. Raw hide bones are another option. They are great for maintain proper dental hygiene and dogs love them. Even the most hyper dog will sit for hours on end, until they've eaten every bit of a rawhide.

4) Pet Health Insurance. Your dog is going to need to go the vet to get regular shots and check ups. This is where dog insurance comes in handy. Dog insurance allows you to get you pet the medical treatment they need without making you go broke. Many different breeds of dogs are prone to get certain illnesses that require extra veterinary attention and the only affordable way to get your pet this extra veterinary attention is to get pet health insurance. This may seem like a luxury item, but dog health insurance and cat health insurance are becoming increasingly more popular among pro-active animal owners.

5) Heartworm Pills and Flea Medication. These two items are extremely important in keeping your pet safe and healthy for a long time. Flea medication is crucial to not only your animal, but to your home. A flea infestation is extremely hard to get rid of, so why not just nip it in the bud and have your pet on a flea medication regimen. Heartworm pills are also essential in keeping your pet healthy and happy for a long time. They may be expensive without a pet insurance plan, so if you really want to get the best deal, opt for dog health insurance.


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