Choose a Cavoodle for the Ideal Small Dog

Cavoodle, spoodle, poodle – it might sound like a word game but in actual fact they are a new breed of dog, and it's all down to people wanting designer products, even when it comes to their dogs.

First came the poodle, known for their great little characters and intelligence, their personality is suited perfectly for families with young children. Originally from Germany they were used as hunting dogs as their warm woolly coats were ideal for keeping them warm and dry, they've also been used in circuses for centuries as they are easily trained. Their ability to learn fast means it takes no time to train and housebreak them, if you're looking for an easy-going family dog then this might be the type for you.

After the poodle along came the spoodles, a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, followed by the cavoodle, a combination of cavalier king charles spaniel and a miniature poodle. A bright dog, their friendly temperament is attractive to all kinds of people and they're gentle and amiable enough to be around kids, with their affectionate nature appealing to everyone. The cavoodle is also popular with older people who are looking for a pet to keep them company but don't want anything too big or demanding when it comes to grooming and walking them.

When they are first born, the puppies ears are long and floppy, brows are large and they have a small, round face - overall a very cute look! Every dog has its own individual look though and variations are normal within the same breed, some will look more like a poodle, whilst others may be more obviously a cavalier. Colours vary from a mix of chestnut and white, all black, white or gold, or a mix of black, white and tan and their height ranges from 30 to 35cm.

Both the cavalier and miniature poodle are intelligent dogs with a happy nature so a cross between them has brought out the best of both. Loyal to their owners they are suitable for families with small children and very obedient.

Poodles coats are prone to shed so regular grooming is essential, if it has a poodle type coat then it will require more grooming than a cavalier's. Clipping is minimal, 3 or 4 times a year should suffice. Small dogs make excellent pets for anyone with a small house and, although they love attention, they are not as hard work as having a bigger dog can be who would need regular walks and lots of exercise. They also eat less and their compact size means they are easier to control. Don't be deceived by their size however, they all have their own personality and will not be shy in showing you theirs!

When you do decide to buy a puppy then choose where and who from very carefully. Both the cavalier and miniature poodle are prone to health problems, good breeders should screen parents in order to eliminate genetic problems being passed on so make sure you know what to look for and questions to ask before opting or the first cute one you see.

Both the cavoodle and spoodle are great for families, older people wanting some company, or anyone living in a small house or with no garden. Their nature is calm and loveable and they are at their happiest when around people. They don't like to be left alone for long periods so if you are too busy to give a dog too much attention then this dog isn't for you.

Regular exercise is always important whatever type of dog you have, although they don't have to be taken out on long walks every day they will appreciate a run in the park every few days or a walk regularly.

Remember, when deciding to get a dog that it is a big responsibility, they need feeding, walking, dog grooming and affection. Just like having a child really! Who will take care of it if you are away on holiday or business? With a life span of around 14 years it really is a life-long commitment. Check online for cavoodle puppies for sale Sydney.


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